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How to Choose an Anniversary Cake

A wedding anniversary cake is just so much more than any other normal cake. For starters, while it might not have the grandeur of a wedding cake, it definitely has much more in terms of sweet memories, a hint of nostalgia, and of course, the euphoria of celebrating one of the most important moments in a couples life – the beautiful completion of another year of marriage.

It is a lesser known fact that anniversary celebrations were earlier started to help ‘distanced or estranged’ couples find the love in their marriage once more. As the years passed on, celebrating anniversaries became as common and essential as celebrating birthdays. Therefore, obviously, cakes soon became an important factor of the celebration, symbolizing the celebration of longevity, love and the sweetness in a married couple’s life.

In today’s times, anniversaries are definitely not restricted to married couples. Today, it encompasses celebrating the anniversary of a couples wedding, a relationship, or even the anniversary of a company. That said, choosing the right cake is an integral part of the celebration.

There are a few important factors that one needs to keep in mind while choosing an anniversary cake

1. Who is the cake for?

This is the first and most important consideration. The type of anniversary celebration always dictates the choice of cake. For example, choosing a cake for a couple's marriage anniversary, one has to factor in the likes and dislikes of the couple. It is a great option to surprise the couple and rekindle memories of the wedding by choosing a cake flavor that was served during the wedding.

At the same time, if the event is an anniversary celebration of a company’s commencement, it is more prudent to play safe and choose a commonly liked flavor.

2.    Flavour, filling, size, shape

The way the cake looks and tastes, is an equally important factor. A cake should be visually appealing and at the same time should taste good. For that very purpose, it is important to ensure that the cake is freshly baked, with easily available flavors, to avoid any complications with the cake order.

The number of guests that the cake intends to feed will help in determining the size, and at times the shape as well. When it comes to flavors, the flavor of the icing should complement the flavor of the sponge.

3. Choosing the baker

The most important factor while choosing an anniversary cake is choosing the right baker. The cake should not only be freshly baked, but also baked with love. While there are many home bakers available today, as well as a string of cake shops, they do not always promise convenience along with quality. With all the rush and lack of time that we face today, convenience is not something that one should take for granted while ordering a cake. That is the reason is the perfect place to order an anniversary cake.

With the option of ‘anywhere, anytime’ delivery of anniversary cakes in India, the website offers customers the convenience of doorstep delivery in more than 500 cities across India. This becomes a great option for those settled out of the country, who wishes to help loved ones celebrate their wedding anniversary.

The website offers a wide range of cakes from the single tier and double tier cakes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Flavours ranging from chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch, coffee, truffle, black forest, fresh fruit cakes like strawberry, blueberry, pineapple, mixed fruit, etc. are available. Cakes can also be personalized with photo-prints and a customized message can be added too.

All this can be done within the comforts of your home, and at the click of a button.